EZ Set is a patented Sewer Clean-Out Locating System invented by a plumber with over 25 years of industry experience.

Before EZ Set, Owners were given two options for their sewer clean outs. The first option is to leave them exposed, causing mowing and tripping hazards, and creating unsightly views in their yard. The other option is to bury them, fixing the first set of problems, but creating a lot more risk with costs and damage in case of a back up. In most cases, a one-hour clean out job can turn into a several day digging project pretty quickly, leaving you with the need for a new lawn.

EZ Set Systems patented locating plugs are EZ to install, locate and remove. Our patented double rubber seal protects against water seepage into the sewer and will fit snug in any brand of schedule 30 and 34 pipe. The patented locating plug is made with specially designed alloy to proved maximum detectability when using a standard metal detector. The EZ Set Plug is also designed to withstand against corrosion and breakdown in even the harshest of weather conditions.  


Quickly locate buried clean outs in a pinch.

And get rid of those unsightly clean out pipes.

The EZ Set Advantage

For about the same cost as an ordinary, unsightly clean out cap, you can eliminate trip hazards, unnecessary grass trimming and dramatically improve the aesthetic value of your property. Also, don't forget the thousands of dollars saved in man hours trying to find the old buried sewer caps. That is quite an advantage.

EZ Set Systems is the smart choice for any home, business or property owner. Please contact our team to discuss installing EZ Set Systems now. Available in 6" & 4" sizes for all Schedule 30 and 34 piping.


Customize your EZ Set System

For any city, county or business with orders over 500 pieces, we can stamp your name or logo onto the locating disk for easy identification. Contact us to today to learn more about ordering and quantity discounts.